Keep Guests Coming Back With a Clean Impression

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First impressions might be important but it’s the lasting impression that makes a difference and keeps guests coming back. It’s no surprise that the hospitality industry would want to upkeep the cleanliest of standards to ensure returning guests. According to a recent survey by P&G Professional, “49% of restaurant and hospitality businesses believe that keeping their guests satisfied is the most important area of focus.”

A major part of a guests memorable experience lies in the cleanliness of the property their visiting / staying. Customer impressions of a property, whether it be a hotel, resort, restaurant, etc., can largely affect their experience. You want guests to leave and think highly of your property and refer it to their friends and families. To ensure that guests feel welcome, comfortable, and pampered, properties should create a clean atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to keep them coming back:


Keep Restrooms Clean And Smelling Fresh

Guests expect that when they enter a restroom it appears to be clean and odor-free. Even though it might be a place in the building people are and in and out fairly quickly, it should be in good condition at all times. In a survey with cleaning professionals, 50% said that bathrooms are the most important area to clean. Since restrooms can contain many different types of germs, it is very important they be cleaned regularly and correctly.

The survey also revealed that 57% say “products that get the job done the first time” are the most helpful factor when cleaning restrooms. Multipurpose products are ones that can remove a large range of soils and will also disinfect simultaneously. They contain acid, surfactants and solvents which fight against the tough to clean restrooms. Using these multipurpose cleaners also can help save time and money by using less product.


Impress With Your Lobby / Entrance

The first place people encounter your business is when they walk in the door. A messy, cluttered and disarrayed lobby/entrance is going to leave guests and customers with a not so good first impression. Cleanliness and entertainment value of this area is critical for creating a lasting first impression for those that enter. In the survey mentioned above, hospitality management listed the lobby or entrance as the second most important area to clean. Because this area is a high-traffic one, it requires frequent cleaning and maintenance of the floors, front desk surfaces and any furniture featured.

Giving the furniture a dusting every once and awhile allows for the optimal cleanliness. Dust is something that is forming constantly which can take away from the condition of the room. Not only that, but it can trigger allergies in those customers who are sensitive to dust. Windows and doors are also an important thing to keep an eye on. Nothing is worse than seeing a sticky handprint on the front window.


Guest Rooms Should Be A Priority

The minute guests open the door to their assigned room, they’re making a judgment on the business as a whole. If their room has stains on the floor, or even worse; the bed, they are going to think negatively about your business. Keeping track of the rooms being cleaned is very important before booking a room for someone. You wouldn’t want a guest to enter a room that has yet to be cleaned for them.

You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible which means your guest rooms need to be clean and smelling fresh. Guests take into account the smell of the room, a little extra effort in making a good smelling room can go a long way. Using products that disinfect and remove odors in the air and furniture are best. These products are able to keep the room clean and fresh smelling all in one without it being too overpowering.


Go Above And Beyond 

Another important part of keeping guests coming back is the exterior of your business. Yes, the inside is a top priority but having a property where guests are walking in and out requires the upkeep of the landscape around the building. Go beyond the traditional cleaning and create an atmosphere outside that makes people feel welcomed. This could be as simple as hiring a landscaping company or a power washing service that keeps sidewalks, parking lots and entrances clean.


Cleanliness should be a top priority in your property/business no matter the industry. Providing guests with a clean environment not only leaves an exceptional first impression but drives that customer loyalty and keeps returning guests coming back and new guests entering your doors.