Why Janitorial Work is Important & Valuable

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It’s no secret that in today’s society, custodians and janitors are looked down upon. But why? Their work is extremely important to other people’s lives unless you wish to be in public places that are filthy, which I’m sure you do not. Janitorial work allows for that same community to use restrooms, walk around freely and enjoy their stay without the negative thoughts on the place being dirty. There are two main reasons as to why janitorial work and the people who do that for a living are just as important as any other working human being.


Firstly, janitors and custodians work to serve others. They do their job in order to meet the needs of others. This aspect of their job is the basis of every other job out there, regardless of products or services being sold. Every public facility, public restrooms, work offices, hospitals and hotels, and restaurants to name a few, need janitorial services. Without them, there would be a lot of disgusting buildings and mad people around. There is a need for this type of work just like any other, so why look down upon the people doing it for you?


Secondly, by performing janitorial services on a facility, a partnership is created between the service and the company they are cleaning for in order to serve the customers. The janitorial service is needed in order to keep customers or visitors happy. Take for instance a hospital. These doctors and nurses are giving high-quality care to patients. They rely on the cleanliness of their hospital to keep things sanitized and keeping patients feeling welcomed and not grossed out. Many people are coming in and out of hospitals so janitorial services are critical for their practice. Every time someone cleans for a company building, they are partnering with that specific company with is a great opportunity to keep both ends of the partnership valuable.


Don’t be sucked into the culture where these people are below you because they’re just as important as you. Not one person’s job is more important than another. Janitors and custodians deserve to be treated with respect and not looked down upon. If it weren’t for them, there would be a lot of places you visit that you would not return to. A job that serves people well is a meaningful one.