3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Company

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The hiring of a commercial cleaning service doesn’t have to be stressful. If business owners do their homework and know the right questions to ask, it will be smooth sailing. We all know of someone that has been ripped off after hiring a cleaner that promised them all they needed and more, so don’t make the same mistake. After researching and narrowing the selection down, ask these three simple questions before selecting the right company for the job.


Are You Licensed & Insured?

Each state has different rules and regulations for commercial businesses to operate and cleaning services are included in those businesses. Make sure they’re following the specific regulations by verifying they have the correct documentation and licensing in the state so that you don’t get in trouble down the road. General liability insurance protects your property from damage in the rare event an accident occurs. A commercial cleaning service should carry at least a one million dollar general liability insurance policy, in addition to an umbrella policy that carries up to five million dollars in coverage.


What Types Of Clients Do You Have?

This questions allows for you to find out what they do for other companies and can determine if the cleaning company can provide you with the janitorial services you need for your business. You want to make sure that the employees are skilled in a variety of different cleaning services so they can get your specific needs met and exceeded. Finding out if they are able to serve other businesses like yours can be very beneficial to ask before committing to a company because you can hire with confidence that they’ve done what you’re looking for before.


What Services Do You Provide?

You may think the correct answer to this question is “we clean everything,” but that’s actually a red flag answer. Them saying everything is too vague and should come as a warning. You want the janitorial service you are looking to hire is going to give you an exact list of what they can provide you with and how they are planning on getting the job done. Don’t let one of your prospects give you vague answers without any specifics because chances are they’re not invested enough in actually providing the janitorial services you are paying them to do.


Don’t get burned down the road. Ask questions before committing.