Keeping Your Staff Happy and Healthy with Quality Cleaning

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Do you find that your employee’s productivity is decreasing day by day? If so, a good cleaning might just do the trick. Not only will this be good for productivity, it might be just what the doctor ordered. It may not seem as though but one of the top problems affecting overall performance is the cleanliness of the place their working in. Research done by Harvard and Syracuse Universities shows that air quality improvement will also improve productivity in the workplace. The state of the office in which you work might not be a problem you’re too aware of, but it’s a major one.

A clean, healthy environment in a workplace can have a huge impact on how people feel and act. A bright and clean workspace will lift employees’ moods up when they are down. A messy, cluttered office will only add to their frustrations. In addition to clutter and dirtiness being annoying, it’s also not good for people’s health. No matter how much you tell your employees to stay home when they’re sick, germs are still laying around and can wreak havoc.


Commercial Cleaning Can Reduce Sick Days

Because germs and bacteria are spread in places of work more often than anyone would like, it’s important that cleaning happens consistently. Places like doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator handle, computers, and phones need to be sanitized regularly in order to keep employees from catching something and not coming to work. Although these spaces may not look dirty, chances are there are germs and bacteria all over them and need to be taken care of.

Air quality can be improved by regular carpet cleaning and dusting. Use a HEPA filtration vacuum to make a huge difference in the air quality (and the smell of the office) when cleaning carpets and other floor surfaces. Dusting should also be part of the routine in order to get dust and dirt out of the workplace. Try using a microfiber cloth which will capture more of the grim than a regular towel.

Commercial cleaning set up in a variety of schedules including nightly, weekly, monthly and anything in between. This would depend on the size of the workplace, when it operates and the number of employees. Following a regular cleaning schedule will keep employees healthier, happier and keep them from taking sick days.


Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Productivity

If regular cleaning is not happening, cleaning tasks may fall onto employees whose job is not to clean. This may cause productivity to decrease, which ultimately will cause problems for your business. By hiring a commercial cleaning service to do the work for you and your employees, it ensures productivity issues do not arise. This creates a problem-free work environment for all employees to do their own job and not worry about cleaning.

Morale can also be improved by regular cleaning. Walking into a building, it’s easy to tell how often it’s cleaned. This sends a strong message to the workforce, and any guests, that you value the time you spend in the workplace. This gives those people the sense that you want to provide them with a quality place of work for their contributions.

You don’t have to worry about the commercial cleaning services touching any of the things on a desk or other surfaces. Although, after cleaning areas, it may inspire employees and other workers to declutter their own spaces. This will allow them to focus better and not worry about a messy workspace.


Commercial Cleaning Can Reduce Conflict

I’m sure many people have experienced the conflict that arises from employees not doing their cleaning duties properly. This is an issue that can be resolved with a commercial cleaning company to do that job for them. This eliminates the nasty sticky notes and the passive-aggressive behavior over the cleanliness of a space. You will be able to personalize a cleaning list with the company and they’ll be able to meet your needs. This service can get rid of the frequent source of conflict that may happen between employees which can cause morale and productivity to lower.

A refrigerator in the workplace can also be a major problem in a place of work. Hiring a cleaning service that will clean it once and week and throw all unlabeled food away will reduce the smell and grim of the fridge and keep employees accountable for the items they put in the refrigerator.  


Making the investment of hiring a commercial cleaning service company will allow you to see the improvement of employee health, happiness, and morale. Employees expect a clean place to work, so don’t cut around the corner, hire a professional.