5 Signs of an Excellent Cleaning Service Provider

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With tons of cleaning services out there, it may be hard to really know what makes one provider stand out from the rest. How do you know if yours is the most effective for your business? Read more to learn exactly what your standards should be in order to identify an excellent provider.

Listens to client preferences

Each business has its own preferences and requirements on their individual cleaning needs for the company. While many service providers have a standard cleaning procedure that their employees follow, the most effective providers will go above and beyond to ensure a company’s unique requests are accommodated and implemented into their cleaning plan. The cleaning company will be willing to always listen to the client, remaining flexible to customize and tailor a plan to satisfy any and all specialized needs.

Makes customer service a priority

Customer service is a crucial component to maintain successful working relationships for any business, including a cleaning business. Excellent maintenance providers make customer service a priority and create a clear line of communication for their clients. They respond to customer service requests in a timely manner, without leaving you waiting around for days before receiving a response. They also promptly follow up on timely requests and ensure that any problem that arises is quickly resolved.

Professional staff

In addition to providing outstanding customer service, another sign of a dependable cleaning company is that they have professional staff. If your existing cleaning team shows up late or disrupts your business’s productivity, you may be working with a company that lacks the professionalism you truly need. The best maintenance organizations have highly trained staff who you can trust to be professional and treat your property safely and respectfully.

Consistent Delivery

The quality of cleaning that your organization receives should never be “hit or miss”. One signal of a leading cleaning provider is that they do a consistent job every time. As mentioned above, reputable organizations have set procedures in place that all employees are trained to follow. This ensures that your business’s care is high-quality every time and that there are no days where it suffers.

Green-Friendly Cleaning

Lastly, excellent cleaning service providers use safe cleaning supplies. Many products today contain harmful chemicals that are damaging to your health and to the environment. Products that include toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chloroform should be avoided to prevent your employees from getting sick and from degrading the environment. Read one of our previous blog posts to learn more about the importance of using an environmentally friendly cleaner. At Integrity Services, we make green-friendly cleaning a priority and ensure that all of our cleaning products are safe for our clients and the environment.

If your cleaning company is not meeting the expectations above, then it’s time to make a change. At Integrity Services, we work tirelessly to ensure these factors are a priority, providing excellent care to all of the clients we serve. Contact us to get started with Integrity Services today.