5 Ways to Customize Your Commercial Cleaning Service


Just because you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service doesn’t mean you’re stuck with their rote cleaning regime. You can — and should — discuss your property’s unique needs to ensure you’re paying for and receiving the best possible commercial cleaning service customized to fit your expectations. Here are 5 ways to get the most from your commercial cleaning service:


Create a SPA document

A standard property appearance document, or SPA, clarifies for cleaning crews exactly how you expect a property to look following their service — and it’s just as helpful for them as it is you. To get started, take your crew chief or representative on a walk-through of your property, clarifying you expectations on everything from staging and replenishment to trash removal. It could be beneficial to include pictures in the SPA document to ensure your unique specifications are met.


Specify product usage

While some companies don’t care which cleaning products are used on their properties, others will have special needs. If you have to account for staff allergies or green initiatives, don’t be afraid to speak with your commercial cleaning crews about your concerns and preferences. The same goes if there are surfaces that require specific cleaning solutions; in most cases, they’ll be more than happy to adapt to your needs. 


Spot-check performance

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is not a one-and-done scenario. Walk around your property and evaluate the completed job. If it meets or exceeds your expectations, be sure to tell them so and thank them for their hard work and dedication. If it doesn’t, evaluate what can be changed and have a frank discussion with your commercial account representative to discuss improvement options moving forward.


Stay in contact

It’s not uncommon for commercial cleaning needs to change as a property evolves. Stay in contact with your commercial cleaning crew to best inform them how these changing needs could affect their cleaning duties. It could be as simple as new blinds being installed or the proper care of new plants in the lobby — or as complicated as a new business moving into the space. Keep the lines of communication open for shifting needs. 


Trust their expertise

In each case, you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service for more than just their ability to keep your property clean. They are your experts in the field, making decisions that can affect the reputation of your business every time a new client walks in. This requires a certain amount of trust and confidence that their services will meet your needs. Use their knowledge and expertise to keep your property looking its best.


With the commercial cleaning experts at Integrity Services, our goal is collaboration on your property to ensure we are meeting your every need — from green cleaning solutions to individual office requirements. Our staff is coached on the best methods to clean everything from fabrics to technology to keep our clients satisfied. Contact us to get started with Integrity Services today.