You’re Not Cleaning These 3 Exterior Locations — And It Shows

clean building

When visitors approach your property, they aren’t walking directly into your business from the street. There are common exterior areas they must see and traverse to get there—and these are often the most overlooked in terms of cleaning and maintaining properties.


This notion of business curb appeal is not just a passing fad: According to studies, 70% of first-time sales are based solely on business curb appeal. If they don’t like how it looks, they won’t come in, so it’s time to show your customers you mean business from every angle by giving these 5 exterior surfaces some much-needed attention:


Parking Lots

No area on your property is more non-descript than parking lots or garages, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Cracked concrete, faded paint lines, and piles of debris can deter visitors and potential employees — ruining opportunities before they start. Assess the area on a regular basis to get a feel for what’s needed: 

  • Resurface crumbling patches of road and sidewalk to prevent puddles and trip hazards. 
  • Sweep away debris like sand, salt, leaves, and dirt. 
  • Replace dim or broken bulbs to provide better light and safety at night. If you don’t have lights, consider installing them.
  • Remove trash and/or provide receptacles. 



Natural light inside an office is key to keeping employees productive and happy—but it’s a big responsibility on the exterior as well. Ground-level windows can accumulate grime more quickly than high windows buffeted by winds and rain, while high windows are less likely to be repaired since they’re so far out of reach. Watch your windows to maintain their pristine appearance:

  • Replace any cracked or scuffed windows.
  • Consider a protective film to ensure privacy inside the building and a sleek look outside. 
  • Remove scaling or rust around sills that could drip down the siding.



On most commercial properties, exterior signage is is the only pronouncement to the world that your business is located inside. Burned out or damaged signs can give a derelict feel to an otherwise acceptable building. Make sure your signage reflects your business:

  • Keep signs will lit, and replace burned-out bulbs as needed.
  • Regularly clean away rust and other mineral deposits.
  • Consider deterrents if birds and other critters are making your sign their home.


Integrity Services offers tailored commercial cleaning programs that will keep all of your angles—exterior and interior—looking great. From restaurants to schools, hotels to offices and beyond, our cleaning crews give you peace of mind knowing that we’re handling the situation with environmentally friendly products, acute attention to detail, and the utmost professionalism. Contact us to learn how Integrity Services can make your business better.