How Can Hotel Staffing Services Benefit Your Business?

Young hotel maid putting stack of fresh white bath towels on the bed sheet

The hotel industry is facing an unprecedented challenge: needing to fill staffing positions yet, in many cases, unable to offer enough hours for normal in-house staff to return to work. With an uncertain economy, different regulations in different states, and the need to ensure a safe environment for guests and employees, it’s a rare moment that may call for temporary, flexible solutions until the industry can get back to normal.

While there’s no silver bullet, a hotel staffing service can offer hotels a temporary solution for fulfilling their staffing needs in these uncertain times. The below list outlines how a hotel staffing service might benefit your business.


Provide Stability for Your Business and Your Employees

Even if there are opportunities for in-house staff to come back to work, they may be unsure whether they should. Some employees may be hesitant to walk away from the security of unemployment benefits and some hotels may not be able to guarantee consistent hours in this rapidly changing environment. Rather than forcing full-time employees back into an uncertain economic circumstance, opting for a temporary hotel staffing solution may help both parties avoid a lose-lose situation.


Find Flexibility in Uncertain Times

As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses worldwide, flexible staffing and sanitation plans are becoming increasingly important. In addition, state regulations and cleaning protocols are constantly changing to keep up with new studies and COVID-19 research. Rather than having to stay on your toes, you can find teams that are up-to-date on regulatory requirements in any state you offer hospitality services.


Gain Sanitizing Expertise & Experience

At a moment when cleanliness and sanitation is top of mind for everyone from guests to travel agents to online reviewers, utilizing staff with a background in sanitation is a huge advantage. For instance, a COVID-19 Sanitization Specialist can help you enact proper COVID-19 prevention practices and enforce strict sanitation and cleaning routines catered to your specific needs. You can rest easy knowing that the staff you hire will go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your clients and in-house staff while providing top-notch cleaning services.


Get Specialized Services

Many times, outsourcing your hotel staffing allows you to further expand your team to include specialized services. There are various types of specialists in the field of sanitation, janitorial services, housekeeping, food services, and so much more. Integrity Services offers a full range of services including kitchen stewards, bussers, janitors, and housekeeping. Based on factors like budget and client growth, you can further scale up or scale down your team as needed. With hotel staffing services,  your commercial cleaning program can be fine-tuned and tailored to best suit the needs of your establishment and make the most of your budget without sacrificing quality and care.


Thinking of investing in hotel staffing services? The staffing division at Integrity Services offers a wide array of temporary and permanent staffing solutions to best suit your business needs.


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