4 Tips For Efficient Hotel Staffing in a Post COVID-19 World


In the past year, the hotel industry needed to adapt in order to survive. While the future of tourism is starting to look brighter with vaccines being distributed across the country, it will take some time before hotels go back to any sort of regular operations and previous guest volume.

Among the many challenges hotel owners and managers are dealing with is staffing, from housekeeping to food & beverage. Here are four tips for effective and efficient hotel staffing in a post COVID-19 world.


1. Communicate with Your Staff

The re-opening regulations and protocols of the pandemic are changing quite frequently. It affects your business and your employees. Transparency with staff on policy changes can provide peace of mind among staff and instill confidence in their position. Stability is essential for many, and even if the regular change is out of your control, communication can reassure your team.


2. Be Flexible.

Some employees require flexible scheduling, and others simply don’t feel comfortable handling some of their usual responsibilities during the pandemic. For hotel management, flexibility and a sense of understanding when working with staff is essential. It can help ensure trust in leadership among employees and set a strong reputation for your workplace environment.


3. Hire Flexible Staff.

Most hotel managers have found themselves short-staffed at some point over the past year, either due to extenuating circumstances among employees or unpredictable hotel occupancy variables. Using a company to hire temporary or permanent hotel staff can provide the type of experienced and high-quality employees your hotel needs now more than ever. With limited resources applying for jobs across the hotel industry, management has to think outside the box when it comes to all of the aspects of running a hotel. If last year taught us anything, it is that adaptation is essential to running a hotel business. 


4. Bring In A Reliable, Expert Cleaning Solution

COVID-19 guidelines have changed every aspect of day-to-day hotel cleaning, not to mention they fluctuate on a regular basis. What’s more, guests are hyper-focused on a seamless cleaning and housekeeping experience when visiting a hotel. Establishing and following hotel policies is essential to running a successful, efficient, and safe business environment. This can require strict management and additional training of cleaning staff.

Bringing in an expert hotel cleaning service that excels in cleaning best practices is a cost-effective way to avoid issues and provide peace of mind. Integrity Services provides hotel cleaning services that bring invaluable high-quality janitorial service and ensure quality control. Designed to fit your hotel’s unique needs the company can assist with:

  • Guest Room Deep Cleaning
  • Overnight Hotel Cleaning Services
  • Public Space Cleaning
  • Restroom Services
  • Floor Care
  • Window Washing


Make Sure Your Space is Sanitized

For COVID-19 specific sanitation and disinfecting needs, Integrity Services offers immediate professional services, so you can feel confident about reopening your business after sanitation, and you can do so quickly.