Green for Fall

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More than likely, you know terms such as Eco-Consciousness, Eco-Cleaning, or Going Green. But did you know these terms can apply to professional cleaning practices? In recent years sustainable cleaning products have continued to impact the market and solidify their position as more than a trend. The advent of “green-friendly” raised eyebrows for businesses if these cutting-edge eco-products could perform at the same level as conventional cleaning methods. Advantageously, the innovative strides in the eco-friendly cleaning space indicate that the revolutionized green cleaning methods are just as effective and are actually more impactful in some ways. Your business may be interested in exploring specialty green services and ways to improve the environment while also delivering the best cleaning practices for your business. Inspired by eco-friendly measures and their holistic, cross-beneficial attributes, Integrity Services is advocating for Green for Fall. 

A Cleaner Bill of Health

Acclimating to new cleaning habits can be challenging for those accustomed to the predictable cleaning chemicals we trust to deep clean. However, eco-friendly cleaning products provide just as effective deep cleaning and act as a safe method by disinfecting and killing up to 99% of germs on surfaces. Germ reduction results in fewer employee sick days, and green cleaning products can perform just as well or even better than your usual cleaning products. In the office or hospitality environments, an employee or guest may suffer from a chronic condition that makes using toxic chemicals even more unappealing. Switching to green cleaning products can help alleviate symptoms, promote wellness, and create a healthful working environment. Less harsh chemicals also engender cleaner air for breathing by eradicating stringent smells of severe, non-green chemicals. Strong chemical odors can feel worse for those with sensitivities. Green product usage improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and chemical gases, and you will notice a difference in your air quality immediately after an eco clean.


In recent years, sales of green-friendly cleaning products have increased by 35%, and they show no signs of slowing down. One study demonstrated that by the end of 2024, the sustainable products consumer industry is expected to hit nearly $28 billion in market share. Many green cleaning manufacturers make it their policy to be fully transparent, while in contrast, conventional manufacturers may only disclose a portion of their ingredients. 

Amazingly, green products that use all-natural sources can often be more affordable than conventional chemical products. So not only are you saving the health of those around you and the environment, but your finances will also agree with green solutions.

The economics of green cleaning also look good as eco-products are not more expensive than ordinary goods. In fact, prices have decreased as “green” becomes even more mainstream. In addition, increasing your green quotient helps reduce maintenance costs. For example, gentler products are better for certain surfaces, such as hardwood floors and painted walls, which can be expensive to manage and can worsen with chemical cleaning. 

The Circular Effect

Green solutions equate to breathing easier on several fronts. The presence of toxic chemicals has left consumers desiring more from green cleaning. The market continues to reveal an increase in the demand for more eco-friendly products that benefit the environment to a more encompassing degree. Robust research and development by leading brands also illustrate that the consumer wants to see good beyond just cleaning a surface. There is now more than ever a social responsibility expectation that cascades into other green-affiliate areas. 

Environmentally-friendly innovations are not only beneficial to personal well-being but also for the planet. It is essential to bring awareness to the accessibility of environmentally friendly cleaning services that reduce their clients’ footprint. Eco-friendly products are manufactured using safe and sustainable methods and are composed of natural biodegradable ingredients. 

A commitment to using toxin-free products also promotes less waste, as eco-products typically use recycled plastic or other biomass materials for their packaging.  

One-third of chemical cleaning products contain components that contribute to environmental problems, such as ozone layer damage or water pollution. Your business can lower its negative ecological impact by onboarding green cleaning services, resulting in another net positive.

Manufacturers of eco-products build in social responsibility to their product lines. Some companies even donate a portion of their profits to organizations and nonprofits that mobilize for environmental and social change. In essence, your company can give back to the local or global community when purchasing greener products, further reemphasizing the circular effect of going green. Additionally, professional cleaning services offering green cleaning signify how the organization takes extra care of their staff by providing the option to not only be around harsh chemicals.

Increasing your Greenliness not only lowers the negative environmental impact of your business but increases the awareness of environmentally friendly practices for everyone in shared spaces. To be on the cutting edge, we offer new products and practices to help our clients protect the environment we share.

Integrity Services’ clean and green methods ensure the safety and comfort of your employees or guests and achieve a significant shift for your facility, employees, and budget. Green habits endure. 


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