Hospitality & Restaurant Community Support

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Hospitality Experience Over Decades

There’s no business quite like the hospitality industry. You’ve read many times over the last 18 months the extent to which the hospitality and restaurant industries had to pivot and adapt to a challenging climate. The hospitality communities were hit very hard and required alternative solutions to maintain quality while operating. With over twenty years of servicing hotels and restaurants, Integrity Services rose to the occasion to be there for our hospitality clientele every step towards economic recovery. Our commitment is to stay agile for decades to come so our friends in hotels and restaurants can extend excellence for their futures.

Our Community Boosts Your Communities

Hotel and restaurant guests recognize and appreciate a polished atmosphere and often even base their return visit on the appearance of your business. Repeat visits are the bread and butter for hotels and restaurants and rely on several factors, including pristine cleaning. Our priority is the commitment for guests to return, and this starts with our staff and their skill sets. Our highly trained staff is our focus to differentiate us from other cleaning services, and the staff we procure and invest in is what validates our partnerships. We believe our staff community helps build trust for your community. We seek to uphold our commitment to customizing plans for hotels and restaurants by evolving the practices and range of capabilities to increase your ratings.

Hotel Treatment

Cleanliness is a main driver of guest satisfaction in hotels. A clean experience increases the chances that guests will choose your hotel again and even go so far as to recommend it to others. At our core, Integrity Services sees itself as a hotel cleaning company. We believe that hospitality is a two-way street and extend our client-centric and hospitable nature to our hotel partners with a range of innovative ways to sustain excellence in presentation and sanitation.  Supporting our hotel partners means collaborative problem solving, quality control, and staffing solutions if needed. We demonstrate the care of your business objectives through customized plans, whether it be to maximize a budget or shift personnel for better operations.

Restaurant Support

The very existence of your restaurant relies not only on the caliber of the food but how clean and sanitary the atmosphere is. Inadequate cleaning practices in the kitchen could result in health-code violations or illness. When guests dine in your restaurant, they expect immaculate cleaning detail and will even go as far as to include observations of the state of sanitation in public, online forums. Integrity Services ensures that is never the case and that every corner of your restaurant—the dining room, kitchen, and even restrooms—are properly disinfected and cleaned.  

On The Up & Up

The Integrity Services team anticipates continued customer confidence in exploring new places with travel and dining up from a year ago. As businesses open to pre-COVID levels, securing favorable reviews from customers is more important than ever, given how things have shifted, and the first line of defense is a spotless environment. We look forward to supporting the growth and reputations of our hospitality clients with our consistent level of service proven by our experience and drive. There is no time like the present to get your house in order, and we can help make that happen. 

We look forward to helping your hotel or restaurant prosper. We also offer a full suite of office cleaning services, specialty floor cleaning services, and condominium cleaning packages to suit your needs.

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