Back To The Office

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Welcome Back To The Shared Workplace.

Q: How far does a dog run into the woods? 

A: Only halfway. After that, a dog runs out of the woods.

It’s been a long two years, but it feels like we’re finally running out of the woods. The pandemic – fingers crossed, knock on wood – seems to be winding down. Mask guidelines are loosening up, people are attending concerts and sporting events, even public schools are gradually relaxing their COVID-19 protocols. Can returning to the office be far behind?

It isn’t. Employers large and small are hatching ambitious-yet-tentative strategies to bring their employees back to the office. Some workplaces will remain remote, others will transition to a hybrid schedule with an eye towards eventually returning on-site full time. Work won’t look like it used to – the “high five” already feels like an outdated Mad Men-era custom – but office life is mounting a comeback.

Sticking With Some Safety Protocols.

However, like that container of take-out noodles your coworker left in the back of the fridge, some safety protocols won’t be thrown out anytime soon. Offices and workspaces might still require some mix of mask-wearing, social distancing, and vaccine requirements, particularly if co-workers have small children or are caretakers. 

As for the physical office space itself, by following a few simple rules and common sense suggestions, employers and employees can create a safer and healthier working environment.

Add sanitary stations around the office.

Place hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and trash cans around all entrances, exits, and high traffic zones. You know, like donuts. Everyone finds those.

Practice proper cleaning and disinfection at employee workstations.

Clean computer screens and keyboards. Dust keyboards, shelves, mouses, and other surfaces. Disinfect phones, keyboards, staplers, etc – if people are going to touch it, clean it!

Ensure proper trash and recycling disposal.

Make waste disposable containers available throughout the office and empty them regularly. Get rid of any food wrappers or expired food items (you know who you are).

Restock the bathrooms. Keep the kitchen clean.

The office isn’t college. Stay current on the soap, toilet paper, and paper towel supplies. Clean and disinfect the sinks, toilets, and mirrors. If your office has a kitchen, clean the microwave, toaster, and refrigerator.

Sweep. Mop. Dust. Vacuum. Repeat.

Your office might have a custodial staff, but they can’t possibly clean everyone’s workspace more than once a day. Grab something and have a go. Dust blinds and shades. Wipe down lamps and light switches. Disinfect high traffic zones like door handles, stair railings, and elevator buttons.

Delegate – with authority!

Make a bold executive decision – and delegate. Integrity Services will work with your budget to build a custom office cleaning program to meet the needs of your office. Give us a call today at 877-663-6766 or email to access reliable janitorial services.

Additional Cleaning Resources
  • Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)