Does Your Educational Establishment Make the Grade?


Does Your Educational Establishment Make the Grade?

Study up on These School Cleaning Tips

Some argue that the best way to keep something clean is to never let it get dirty. Unfortunately applying this principle to educational establishments is easier said than done. But difficult is not synonymous with impossible—especially with Integrity Services by your side. With schools being one of our commercial cleaning areas of expertise, here’s what keeping a school clean requires.

Implement Frequent Daytime Practices

You should implement a multi-layered, daily hygiene strategy for students, teachers and other daytime staff to follow, that includes cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces within a classroom, such as workspaces, doors, science equipment, educational toys, and technology gear.

Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to keeping schools clean and thorough, off-hours professional cleaning is a must. Professional cleaning practices have been developed and tested over time, and they’re frequently updated to meet evolving standards. For educational establishments, keeping up requires hiring external help. The key is hiring the right commercial cleaning company. 

Not only will the right commercial cleaning provider be experienced, but they will use eco- and people-friendly cleaning products. Integrity has you covered with both. Not only do we have the expertise to provide effective, in-depth cleaning service, we also exclusively use green cleaning products, which effectively clean and disinfect surfaces, while remaining safe for people and the environment.

We Clean With Integrity

Careful cleaning and disinfecting are essential to today’s educational facility operation. At Integrity, we’re a full-service commercial cleaning and staffing agency that’s committed to providing the highest standards of quality commercial cleaning services and reliable staffing solutions for our clients throughout Boston, MA; Locust Valley, NY; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Philadelphia, PA; and separate regions. 

To learn more or get started with our expert commercial cleaning service for educational facilities, reach out to us today!