Your Ultimate Guide to Post-Coronavirus Office Cleaning

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If you’ve been working remotely, chances are you’ve been considering options and cleaning strategies to get your office back into working condition. Before your team resumes their normal everyday tasks, a thorough workspace deep clean will put everyone at ease and help them beat COVID-19. Even still, with Coronavirus still at large, it’s important to employ an ongoing rigorous cleaning, sanitization, and sterilization process to properly reduce your risk of exposure in the future. Though there is an infinite number of precautions you can take, here is your ultimate guide to post-pandemic office cleaning.


1. Deep clean the entire space.

Before reopening your doors, investing in a top-notch deep cleaning service will do wonders to kill off any lingering bacteria that may have occupied the space. It will also give your building a boost of freshness and show your team that their safety is your top priority.


2. Clean all high-touch, high-traffic areas.

Doorknobs, counters, handles, phones, light switches—these are all high touch surfaces that must be cleaned at least daily. Wiping, cleaning, and disinfecting these surfaces is the only way to ensure germs aren’t being spread between employees. Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious viral infection spread by close contact and touch, frequently sanitizing these surfaces is a must.


3. Wipe down electronics.

Computers, mice, and keyboards are going to require a unique approach. Be sure to wipe electronic devices and equipment down frequently, especially if your employees switch desks often. Use an electronic-safe cleaner and cloth to clean and sanitize the entire surface, then allow them to dry. Additionally, adding a wipeable cover over your appliances will add an extra layer of security. 


4. Clean hard, non-porous surfaces.

Clean and sanitize all hard, non-porous surfaces daily to prevent the spread of bacteria. Things like faucets, counters, desks, and doors are all surfaces that COVID-19 can live and thrive on. Even if it hasn’t been used or is used very infrequently, the virus could still be lurking on the surface.


5. Clean & sanitize bathrooms.

Your office bathroom is home to thousands of bacteria waiting for a host. Wet counters, moist towels, and lingering debris are a breeding ground for Coronavirus to thrive. Wipe down sinks, doorknobs, hand-dryers, and toilets daily to kill off harmful bacteria. Sanitize the surfaces properly and allow time for them to dry before use. Launder any and all textiles or towels frequently so that bacteria doesn’t have time to grow. Wash and disinfect all flooring to eliminate tracked-in bacteria. 

If you have a larger-scale team, you may need to invest in more frequent cleaning to keep the virus at bay.


6. Wash any linens and textiles.

Curtains and other textiles may seem unassuming at a quick glance. However, bacteria is lurking deep in the threads. Towels hanging by sinks can harbor millions of bacteria, and are a breeding ground for viruses if not dried properly. With hundreds of hands touching them daily, they are a huge risk to your team’s health and safety. 

To prevent bacteria from spreading, wash all linens, textiles, and other fabrics using hot, soapy water. Then, dry the laundry on a hotter-than-normal setting. Repeat this process as little as once every few days.


7. Vacuum, clean, and sanitize any carpets and flooring.

Your carpets are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive. Not only that, but floors in general are a hotspot for tracked-in dirt and bacteria from the outside world. Be sure to clean and vacuum floors daily to remove any germ-spreading debris and dirt. Then, sanitize the surface using it’s designated sanitization solution.


8. Provide your employees and cleaning team with the tools they need.

Stocking up on sterile gloves, disinfectant spray, masks, and other germ-protective products will go a long way in helping your team stay safe. Communicate with your team to prevent shortages and allow them to speak up about anything they may need to keep themselves safe. Provide your cleaning team with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep them safe as they help battle COVID-19 on the front-lines. Taking preventative measures will go a long way in eliminating the risk of infection and keep your team productive and healthy.


9. Post reminders of cleaning protocols.

It’s important to remind your team that COVID-19 is still a risk even after they return to work. Posting signs and flyers where they will be visible by employees and clients alike will go a long way in enforcing cleanliness protocols like washing hands, wearing gloves, and keeping surfaces clean. 

Be sure to keep an open line of communication with your team about what you’re doing to keep them safe and how they can help. If they notice any potential contaminants, On-Site Sanitation Specialists have the training to dispose of it properly.


10. Routine cleaning.

After a team of sanitation specialists has removed any potential contaminants and thoroughly deep cleaned your space, it’s important to invest in a routine cleaning service to maintain sanitation protocols. Having an On-Site Sanitation Specialist is a great way to ensure the safety of your space while showing your team that you’re serious about their safety. The specialist will handle any routine cleaning, sanitization, and sterilization to keep COVID-19 at bay. 


Is your business on the right track to reopen its doors? Get a head start on cleaning and sanitizing your building today. From deep cleaning to routine sanitization, our team will work diligently to create a secure and germ-free environment for your team to resume their daily routines. 


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