America’s Appetite For Dining Out Is Back. Are You Ready?

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Out of the pandemic and into the frying pan.

For over two years, American restaurants have been doing anything and everything to survive the pandemic. Some closed temporarily or reduced their hours and seating capacity, while others shifted to takeout and delivery. Far too many restaurants – particularly smaller ones – simply just didn’t make it.

The good news is people are once again excited about letting someone else do the cooking. Americans have regained their appetite for eating out and regardless if they’re dining indoors or outdoors, restaurants need to be ready for them. Food, beverage, ambiance – you got that covered. But are you taking the necessary steps to protect diners and staff from bringing more home than tips and doggie bags?

Company’s coming. Are you ready?

Let customers spread the good word – and nothing else.

Ideally, customers will spread the good word about their dining experience – not COVID-19. Regular scheduled cleaning and sanitizing of the entire restaurant by your team or a professional cleaning service can protect your staff, guests, and your business from a potentially devastating “super spreader” event.

Make a good first impression.

From the front-of-house to the restrooms, guests expect an immaculate dining experience. Now more than ever, a bad first impression left by an unclean bar, restroom, or waiting area can lead customers to believe the kitchen is also unsanitary. Vacuum, sweep/mop the floors, dust the corners and momentos, and wipe down the bar. The bartender might mix a mean Old Fashioned, but it’s not strong enough to kill germs

Care for those who take care of your guests.

Your employees want a clean, safe working environment as much as your guests. Keep the hand sanitizer close to their stations, ask them to wash their hands constantly (not just after leaving the restroom), and make it everyone’s responsibility to regularly cleanse high-touch traffic areas such as door handles, cash registers, bottle openers, and metal surfaces.

Health Inspections.

Neither you or your health inspector want to see bacteria growing in places it shouldn’t, like food prep and service areas. Don’t lose points on your next health inspection. Pay strict attention to the countertops and metal surfaces, wash down and remove food particles from equipment, and deep clean your ovens, stoves, broilers, and fryers.

Short staff and/or services? We deliver!

7 in 10 operators say they don’t have enough staff to support current demand. Integrity Services can help with detailed professional cleaning services customized to meet the specific needs of your restaurant. Give us a call today at 877-663-6766 or email